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Who we are

Blandford Community Promotions has been established by Clive Newlin who lives in Blandford. As a long time member of Forum Drama, and its previous incarnations, and an active member of the Parish Church, Clive has been constantly frustrated by the problems groups have publicising, promoting and in particular their ability to sell tickets effectively.

Online is often the choice of people these days especially when it comes to things like theater tickets. Its just the way we do it. For most community groups its not an option as the costs, know how and ability are just too much. So we rely on group members getting their friends to buy tickets, which some members do well and others fail miserably at. Some of us are sales people and some of us are not. The bottom line is as soon as you hand over tickets to be sold, you lose control, and you often land up with many needlessly empty seats on the night.

Clive is also joined by Sam James as event host and promoter.

This is a new venture, aimed at helping the Blandford Forum Community and surrounding villages connect, promote and sell their events. We are happy to work with Churches, Community groups and other organisations that benefit the community of Blandford Forum.


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Coming Events:

Events Diary
Apr 2018

Jo Enright @ the Comedy Exchange

13th April 2018 at 7:30 pm
Seat availability:
Permium (front 5 rows)
Standard (behind premium)