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Laughter Lines is BACK! We return on the 12th September 2021, tickets available on line shortly.  The Comedy Exchange for 25th September has been cancelled sadly owing to constrains set by the Town Council. It will relocate to a new venue, anouncment to follow very shortly. Proposed date Saturday 16th October 2021, at a venue in Wimborne.


Connecting people, building community, starting conversation.


Welcome to the Home of Blandford Community Promotions, who organise and host entertainment events in Blandford Forum for the community to help bring live entertainment back to our Town. We are currently doing this through a series of Comedy events like the Comedy Exchange and Laughter Lines, along with other events like magic shows. All events we organise aim to be 'clean' and suitable for all.

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Current events and ticket prices can be seen in the diary, or for more event details click on the Events tab. You are able to pay by debit or credit card online. Please note you do not need a PayPal account, to pay online.


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